Cooking Classes!!!!!

Tired of eating out? Scared of the kitchen? Bored with the same ole' recipes? Just want to brush up on your skills?

Thyme can come to your home and

teach you to make a tasty 3 course meal. You choose the menu from our extensive recipe collection

Individual or couple cooking classes in your home. We will work on menu planning, recipe reading skills. We will show you secrets and hints in the kitchen while you learn basic kitchen skills and create a delicious 3 course meal.

Great Party Idea!

Haven't seen your friends in a while and want to be able to have a conversation outside of a restaurant?  

Relaxing environment in the comfort of your own home!

 Each class will run 3-4 hours and at the end you and your guests will enjoy the fruits of your labor!

 . The maximum number of students depends on the size of your kitchen. All of the shopping and preparation is done by Thyme.

. Upon completion of the cooking, we will serve the meal family style and the best part? We do all of the clean up!

Contact Thyme and we will customize your menu, working with any special dietary needs.

Pricing Starts at $75 per person and includes the cost of the food.

Personal Chef

Cooking Instructor, Menu Planner

Contact us at 408-828-1410

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Contact us:         408-828-1410

​​​​Busy Lifestyle

Over extended Professionals-​Tired of eating out? Want to eat healthy to have the energy to do all the things you are tasked with each day?  Thyme can provide you with healthy meals that are convenient, nutritious and delicious 

Special Dietary Needs
Seniors, individuals with dietary restrictions or in need of a customized diet due to chronic illness- 
Our clients appreciate our customized service and collaborative, customer-focused style to meet any dietary need. Careful menu planning,
nutritional counseling, and customized meals provide the stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle


Thyme Around the Table

Let us prepare a culinary experience for you to enjoy! 

Since launching Thyme

the main goal is to provide fresh, nutritious, delicious meals to our clients
Lena has had the honor to prepare, create & cook for a vast array of clients providing them with customized service based on their needs Each client is unique and her service provides custom menus with choices for  
Busy families-concerned about establishing healthy eating habits and providing meals with high nutrition values for your family? Thyme takes the worry out of meal planning. Working with you and your families likes and dislikes, giving you choices and variety, You and your family will have nourishing food that will develop life long eating habits

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a culinary experience with fresh, nutritious food

Professionally prepared and customized 
to your needs & budget
Are you too busy, tired, or uninterested to cook healthy delicious meals?

Want to host a dinner party and not spend all night in the kitchen?

Looking for something fun and different to do with friends?

Let's do a cooking class

Let Chef Lena bring the home back to home cooking with a nourishing, delicious home cooked meal that you and you family deserve.
From the moment of making her first meal - She has had an intense passion for cooking. Coming from an Italian background, everything seemed to revolve around food, family, friends and the dinner table
Lens’s culinary knowledge and skills were refined by attending and graduating from

The French Culinary Institute and cooking in Tuscany Italy

Cooking instructor for City of San Jose and Local Community Colleges